Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 24th:
Congratulations Kate!
Ceremony and Cocktail at Drumore Estate
with Cherrywood String Quartet

August 24th:
Congratulations Sandra!
Ceremony and Cocktail at Le Meridien
with Cherrywood String Duet

August 18th:
Congratulations Kristin!
Ceremony at Riverdale Manor
with Cherrywood String Trio 

August 18th:
Congratulations Etan and Katie!
Wonderful ceremony and cocktail at Chisuk Emuna Congregation
with Cherrywood String Trio and That's It Wedding Concepts

August 17th:
Congratulations Lindsey and Stephen!
Ceremony at Riverdale Manor
with the Cherrywood String Quartet

August 16th:
Congratulations Megan and Manuel!
Ceremony and Cocktail at Riverdale Manor
with the Cherrywood String Quartet

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 3rd:
Congratulations Andrew and Lyida
Beautiful ceremony at Riverdale Manor
with the Cherrywood String Trio